Proletariat Wine Company

Fresher glass pours of premium wines, and no bottles and corks to dispose of

Our goal is to bring high quality, otherwise expensively priced wines to restaurant diners at extremely reasonable prices. Proletariat's premium wines from the best growing regions in the northwest are delivered through the keg direct to glass.

Restaurants and diners have responded enthusiastically, and our extensive selection of premium wines on tap is now represented in over 80 locations.

This not only means no waste and less spoilage, but it means we're taking less of a toll on the environment; Less transportation and manufacturing costs, less fuel emissions and no glass and corks heading to the landfill.

The most important thing is the wine in the glass and the bottom line is that diners will enjoy a much higher quality wine at a lower price.

Drink me:
2011 Syrah

Hearty enough to pair with herbed oven roasted lamb, yet plenty versatile to complement grilled chicken or pork.

Places: Palisade

This is Seattle's classic landmark restaurant perched on the water's edge with a breathtaking and great view through the expanse of windows out over Elliott Bay with the city and Olympic Mountains as a backdrop.