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Our Story



1. workers or working-class people, regarded collectively

In 2011, a few wine enthusiast friends got together to create a way for premium wine to be available for glass pours at restaurants and bars. Those enthusiasts created Proletariat Wine Company where high quality wine was put in reusable stainless steel kegs to be poured on tap by the glass. The result was a cost efficient, environmentally friendly, no waste wine by the glass program for the restaurant/bar, and an excellent wine for the working class masses at a reasonable price.

Today, that same wine is available in bottles to be consumed at home and wherever it travels!


Our Philosophy

Proletariat Wine Company brings high quality, otherwise expensively priced wines to wine lovers very reasonable prices. We proudly make wines from Northwest USA American Viticultural Areas (AVAs).

Proletariat has been committed to sustainability and the environment since its inception by offering a wine on tap system to restaurants and bars. The kegs used in this system are charged with nitrogen for optimal preservation and because oxygen never touches the wine, it doesn't oxidize at the same rate as normal glass pours.

From day one, patrons who have tasted Proletariat wines on tap have asked how they can get the wines for home consumption and share the excellence with their friends and family. In 2019, we launched Proletariat wines in bottle, and created a Wine Club, where wine lovers everywhere can enjoy our wine at home or anywhere it travels!!

Today, we're the same company, with the same mission and same standards for our quality wine.  Proletariat is devoted to bringing you the wine you've come to expect wherever you want it:  at home, or at your favorite restaurant or bar.

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